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About Ubora


Ubora Advisors, (LLC) is a New York based advisory firm that provides a unique risk-based perspective to client's financing and risk management aspirations that integrates their financial and sustainability goals into a singular framework.

The company was founded by Nyagaka Ongeri, a financial services and investment banking professional with a background in global and regional finance and treasury management with large financial institutions in New York and Johannesburg.

Ubora is built on the core principle of gaining a deep understanding of our client's underlying business coupled with lateral thinking in generating executable financing and risk management solutions tied to a client's sustainability goals. Our experience and extensive ties in both developed and emerging markets enables us to deliver locally relevant services and financial solutions to the highest global standards.

Ubora Values


We understand how to position U.S firms in developing countries and developing country firms in the U.S. with success. We have successfully worked with U.S. and International CFOs and Treasurers to grow their emerging markets businesses. Ubora focuses on solutions that are simple, creative and effective.  

Local Solutions


Lateral Thinking


Ubora offers deep expertise and insight into specific industries across frontier markets:

  • Oil & Gas - Significant work with U.S. E&P and oil field service companies on financing and risk management across Africa.

  • Global Development Organizations - Built the most capable U.S. financial services business for U.S. and European GDO’s operating in frontier markets in our previous lives.

  • Tech- Worked with several clients on financing and risk management challenges across Africa.

Ubora focuses on smart planning, execution, and delivery.  We are an entrepreneurial driven firm, incentivized to act nimbly and creatively to help clients succeed. Ubora is client-centric with cross-functional expertise across all treasury functions anchored by a passion for our client’s underlying businesses.

Flawless Execution

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